Special events

The Festival of Our Cheeses

Thanks to their unique know-how and craftsmanship, 86 local cheesemakers are shining the spotlight on Quebec by showcasing their exceptional products. Why not come and chat with them in a warm and friendly atmosphere, taste their specialties and purchase the fruits of their labour at competitive prices! A must-attend event!

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Mondial des Cidres SAQ 2019

The 2019 edition of the Mondial des Cidres SAQ invites you to discover or rediscover over twenty cider-makers from Quebec and to enjoy their many products. This unique event also brings together talented mixologists, chefs, and cheese-makers, who will prepare cider-based creations or dishes that bring out the flavours of this fine nectar.

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Supreme Citrus! A sensory seminar

What is a citrus fruit? Where do these fruits come from? Can they be grown in Quebec? Do they have any hidden virtues? And how can they be prepared in meals? Discover the colourful and flavourful world of citrus fruits, from the ever-popular orange and lime to the lesser-known Buddha’s hand, sudachi, and yuzu.

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Market-to-table dinner!

Imagine a tour of the Jean-Talon market with renowned chef Stelio Perombelon to buy food that will be used to prepare a tasty meal with him, for you and the person of your choice. To top it off: a dessert in demonstration with pastry chef Éric Champagne, from the Asado restaurant. An unforgettable evening on the menu!

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Our Cheeses Fondue at Auberge Saint Gabriel

It’s a well-known fact that artisan cheeses are the best! Why not tempt your palate at a Fondue dinner starring Quebec’s artisan cheesemakers in the warm and welcoming atmosphere of Auberge Saint-Gabriel.

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Culinary demonstration with Les Chefs!

TV hostess Élyse Marquis, accompanied by some candidates from the 2018 edition of Les Chefs! will be meeting festival-goers for an impressive demonstration, followed by a tasting that will awaken the taste buds of gourmets.

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